Infor CouldSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

Infor Cloudsuite is the solution of choice for over 5,000 manufacturers around the world. From repetitive to engineer-to-order, Infor SyteLine enables the processes you need to accelerate production and meet customer demand more quickly.

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O2G Frame for ERP Implementation

Behind every successful contact center implementation is a combination of critical factors such as the right technology, the implementation, integration services and training.

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Why choose us?

On2gether Consulting team comprised of highly experienced consultants from top consulting and IT implementation consulting firms who have many years’ experience in the implementation of enterprise IT solutions for top companies in Thailand.

Why Us?

Target greater growth and higher profit gains with Infor CloudSuite Industrial Industry Suite

Global competition and volatility are causing every company to rethink their approach to managing enterprise business solutions. This is especially true in industrial manufacturing, where customers have a greater awareness of alternatives and product loyalty is a thing of the past. Legacy ERP solutions simply cannot provide the flxibility that allows an industrial manufacturer to move beyond organic, single dimension growth strategies.
Now you can modernize your business with the advanced functionality you need, plus make the change more quickly and with a lower initial investment than you ever thought possible. You can quickly and easily enable global expansions or acquisitions using a consistent data infrastructure in weeks, not months.
Meet Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Industry Suite, a ready-to-run solution, built specifially to meet the needs of manufacturers and service providers. It provides deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as global fiance, product design and confiuration, project management, quality control, supply chain visibility, production operations, and material management. Even better, the solution is delivered in the cloud, ensuring effiency, cost savings, built-in support for global operations, and security that follows industry-leading best practice protocols.

Modernize, simplify, and save

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Industry Suite includes the highly flxible, robust functionality we offr in our on-premises solutions:

  • Flexible support for multi-mode manufacturing: project, discrete, JIT, and Kanban repetitive
  • Integrated tools for collaborating with colleagues, contractors, and customers
  • Embedded, advanced analytics with reports specifi to project-based needs
  • Workflows, alerts, role-based dashboards, and project management tools to boost productivity
  • 10x technology, including an elegant user experience that’s so easy to use, little training is required
  • An optional Enterprise Edition for larger companies with more complex MTO/ETO operations and project management requirements
  • Take a closer look at the components

    Infor CloudSuite Industrial Industry Suite keeps your company running with maximum effiency, allowing you to focus on strategies for growth and profiability.

    Production management
    Drive effiency across your operations with features such as shop-flor scheduling, inventory management, and lean production tools.

    Customer relationship management
    Get a 360° view of customer activities and track transactions, so you can meet—and even exceed— customer expectations.

    Quality management
    Streamline complex regulation compliance and program management, so you can meet government requirements and industry specifiations with confience.

    Deep analytics
    With built-in reporting tools, front-line users, LOB managers, and C-level executives can easily access and consume relevant data in a meaningful context.

    Supply chain visibility
    With advanced procurement tools, users can optimally source raw materials to lower costs and speed delivery across the supply chain.

    Product development
    Speed innovation and product introductions with sophisticated tools for product development, design, and engineering.

    Planning, scheduling, and inventory controls
    Get support for multiple manufacturing modes, from repetitive, high-volume production to more specialized Make-to-Order (MTO) needs.

    Key Differentiators for Infor CouldSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

  • Extremely flexible and scalable framework (Mongoose). Can adapt to the unique requirements of customers that other ERPs can not. SyteLine can be connected to just about anything (with or without ION).
  • Fully featured ERP with advanced functionality for specialty areas like Service Management, Inventory Forecasting, S&OP, Quality Management, Printing & Packaging etc.
  • Strong product depth in manufacturing, fully integrated advanced planning and scheduling system that supports very simple to extremely complex planning scenarios.
  • Has functionality like CRM, KPI’s / Dashboards, Document Management and Workflow as part of the core.
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